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A Comprehensive Guide for Perfectly Fitted Boots
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Are you in search of a new pair of boots? Choosing the right size is crucial, and our guide will walk you through the process, ensuring your boots provide optimal comfort and support. Whether you're prioritizing safety features, comfort, or style, finding the right fit is key.

Finding the Right Size

You can get a good idea of what size you need from measurements on size charts or using a Brannock Device®, but width, length, and height vary in everyone. Trying on boots in-person ensures you have the perfect fit.

See Our Size Guide Here

Boot Fitting Steps

Watch our video to guide you through the steps of fitting your boots:

  1. Dry Feet, Right Socks: Ensure your feet are dry, and wear the socks you typically use with your boots.
  2. Lacing Up: Pull on and/or lace up your boots, anticipating some heel slippage in new boots. This is normal and improves with wear.
  3. Toe Wiggle Room: Check for wiggle room in the toes to accommodate natural swelling during the day. Our expert tip? Try on boots later in the day to ensure a better fit.
  4. Avoid Tightness: Ensure the boots aren't too tight around the ball of your foot, allowing for comfortable movement.
  5. Flexibility Test: Flex the boot to ensure it bends comfortably, breaking in at a spot suitable for your feet

Women's Boot Sizing Tip

For women in need of boots not available in our women's offerings, consider opting for a men's boot two sizes smaller than your women's size for a comparable fit.

See Our Size Guide Here

Hassle-Free Exchanges and Returns

If the boots don't fit perfectly, don't worry. Easily exchange for another size with our return process. We offer free shipping on all returns over $50 in the Continental US.

The Georgia Boot® 30 Day Comfort Guarantee

Our boots with any Georgia Boot® comfort system include our 30-day Comfort Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your boot purchase, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase with proof from our website or an authorized Georgia Boot® dealer.

Our commitment to your satisfaction, easy shipping and returns, and a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects make it simple to step into a pair of boots you'll love. Choose comfort, choose Georgia Boot®.

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