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SPR™ Leather: Superior Performance Ranchwear
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When your work puts your boots in contact with chemicals it can be rough on your footwear, causing normal leather and other materials to degrade quickly. That’s why we developed SPR™ Leather.

What is SPR™ Leather?

SPR™ Leather is made to be extra-durable. It is 2.5 times more abrasion resistant, and 3 times stronger than traditional leather. It also resists barnyard chemicals and acids like caustic alkali, caustic potash, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, and potassium phosphate making it the best choice for working around cattle. These "barnyard-proof" qualities give SPR Leather its name, with SPR standing for Superior Performance Ranchwear.

Boots shown: GB00374 Georgia Boot Muddog
Boots shown: GB00314 Georgia Boot Eagle One

How is SPR™ Leather Made?

The process of manufacturing SPR Leather begins with putting the leather through the tanning process three times. Traditional leather is only tanned once. Putting the leather through this extra tanning helps give SPR Leather its added abrasion resistance and strength, but the process doesn’t stop there. A special mix of oils and waxes is added to the leather that adds to the toughness and abrasion-resistance while also protecting against damage from chemicals and water that would quickly degrade the quality of traditional leather.

The Vice President and Brand General Manager of Georgia Boot Matt Tucker explains the benefits of SPR Leather in this video.

Is SPR™ Leather Waterproof?

While the extended tanning process and the mixture of oils and waxes added to SPR leather will help it resist water and discoloration from getting wet, it is not entirely waterproof on its own. Not all of our SPR boots are waterproof, but we do offer many waterproof SPR Leather boots with the Georgia Waterproof System included to fully protect your feet in mud and water.

Besides Farmwork, Why Else Would I Want SPR™ Leather Boots?

While SPR Leather may have originally been invented for farm and ranch wear, its added durability, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance make it a great choice for many situations. It is going to stand up to many chemicals better than a traditional leather boot and will be more resistant to scuffs and tears. The durability makes SPR™ Leather boots a great choice for many professions or everyday wear.

How Do I Clean SPR™ Leather Boots?

While SPR Leather is more durable and resistant to discoloration or drying out than traditional leather, routine care for your footwear will still help you get more out of them. We do not recommend using water or any detergents to clean SPR leather. Instead, use a shoe brush to remove excess dirt and debris from the leather, paying special attention to clean the stitching as wellYou can apply leather conditioners to SPR Leather boots if you choose but as with any leather this will slightly change the coloring of the boots. Any rubber parts of your boots can be cleaned with a wet rag or brush, and your laces can be hand washed in water with a mild detergent like dish soap. e sure to let them dry before lacing up your boots again.Proper care should extend the life of your boots.