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What is a Goodyear Welt Boot?

The Goodyear Welt construction method involves stitching the sole of the boot or shoe to a lip using a strip of material. A special lockstitch is used that will not completely unravel if any part of the stitching is compromised. This time consuming construction process leads to an extremely durable boot with a replaceable sole, and makes for some of the best durable work boots you can find. That is why we use a Goodyear Welt on the majority of our work boots and shoes.

Our Goodyear Welt Boots are Full of High Quality Materials

Building a pair of durable, high quality boots does not stop with a Goodyear Welt. Our boots are built with other high quality materials to make sure they hold up to any conditions you can throw at them. We have a great selection of waterproof, many of them featuring a Goodyear Welt, that are guaranteed to keep your feet dry for months including several GORE-TEX® options. We also offer a great selection of SPR™ Leather boots featuring a Goodyear Welt. This leather offers protection against and resists caustic alkali, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, potassium phosphate, and caustic potash, which essentially makes the boots “barnyard proof.”