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What are Wedge Work Boots Good For?

The benefit of our Georgia wedge soled boots is the unique design to the bottom sole, allowing for a greater contact surface area than traditional work boot designs. If your day to day requires you to stand on hard surfaces a pair of wedge sole work boots is a fantastic choice for your footwear, as they provide the most natural and comfortable feel for your feet.

If you work in an environment with a lot of relatively flat and hard unforgiving surfaces then wedge sole work boots are for you. The flat bottom of wedge boots allows for the pressure of your body weight and anything that you are carrying to be more evenly dispersed over your entire foot, especially while on a hard and flat surface such as concrete, pavement, tile, or even flat dirt areas. The Georgia collection of wedge work boots has styles with a variety of safety and comfort features so you can find a pair that will match your needs. We have wedge sole work boots in our collection of steel toe boots for environments where you might have something fall on your feet, and some of our wedge boots are waterproof or slip-resistant for environments that might not always be dry. If you're looking for a great pair of wedge boots made in the USA with USA and globally sourced components, check out our USA Wedge collection.